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TBA! Check discord for updates! | 

“Build your own airship using the extensive shipbuilder and take it with you to explore the open world. Go hunt the beasts that live within the dark clouds, upgrade the automation on your ship or progress further in the questlines, alone or together with your friends.”

23 Apr,⁣ 2021 | 

“This toolkit accelerates the invention of unique structures for games using well-known purchasable assets or individual game specific DLC's and allows developers to give their audience a tool to actively participate in the development of the game world.”

16 Apr,⁣ 2022 | 

“The robot already determined the path he needs to take, but what is that? The construction crew forgot to build the platforms! Please help our little robot to get to its destination”

30 Nov,⁣ 2021 | 

“Collect trash from the ocean and save our earth, just like in real life the ocean in this game is badly polluted with plastics. You can collect the plastic by clicking on it. The plastic you collect will give you money which you can use to buy better catchers, conversions and bigger field of view. There are also passive productions that can do the work for you”


coming soon